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Dave was a Christian Education Director in Pennsylvania, a Parish Services Representative at Augsburg Publishing House in Minneapolis, and, most recently, a teacher in the Lincoln Public Schools for 26 years, working in K-6 classrooms earlier in his career and then with English Language Learners in classes from K-12.  He recently retired from teaching and now lives in St. Paul.

After several years of online coursework and a project which involved turning The Howard-Greeley County Food Pantry in St. Paul into an ecumenical, community-based Pantry effectively reaching out to those experiencing food insecurity in the the area, he is approved to be an “Associate in Ministry” in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.  Feeling the call to serve in discipleship ministries wherever needed (helping congregations equip the people to serve, and connecting those people with a variety of areas in which to serve), he had hoped to work with Carolyn in a shared ministry situation, but that wasn’t to be…long story.  He was called to serve Christ Lutheran Church in Yakima as their Minister of Administration, and was consecrated a deacon there on July 30, 2017.