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Retirement Time, and Time to Move!!!

Carolyn has decided to retire August 1, 2020. Dave retired the end of February, 2020. We weren’t planning on this happening so soon, but since Covid-19 changed things so dramatically so suddenly, we found ourselves spending lots of time together throughout March. We had planned to downsize a bit in Yakima, move into a smaller home or condo, so “moving” in and of itself wasn’t a spur of the moment thing. When April rolled around, we thought we’d see if we could sell our house quickly…otherwise, we’d wait. Amazingly, we sold our Yakima home in two weeks, and at the same time, found a perfect condominium to buy in Minneapolis. We’d been looking at units in this building for a long time, and a corner unit went up for sale about the time we got an offer on our Yakima home. It was a sign! All went well, and we closed on our Yakima home June 10th, and on our Minneapolis condo June 12th. Couldn’t have worked out better.

Retirement will give us an opportunity to serve the church and God’s people in different ways now, without the constraints being called to one place may include. Some congregations can be very difficult. Yakima was a challenging place to serve. We are looking forward to getting to do many things we truly WANT to do now, and do them together!

The last Wednesday evening worship before the “shelter-in-place” order.
Rented a storage unit to keep some things in whilst putting the Yakima
house up for sale.
2105 Maclaren goes up for sale on 4/10/2020.
Jambo “enjoyed” going out for a ride in the car, in his cat bag, whenever the house was being shown!
Sold the house on 4/24/2020…Going to miss our meals on the lenai, but the view from our new place is spectacular!
Time to go through everything and consolidate, toss, give away LOTS of things!
Getting things ready to give away!
Well, that was quick! Thanks, Tomi and family, for taking so much away for us!
Loading the truck on 6/9/2020! This, and more, goes into the truck. Thanks, Tomi and family, for helping load the truck!
Dave and Jambo leave for Minneapolis, Carolyn works at Central until the end of the month.
Jambo couldn’t have been a better traveling companion!
Chloe welcomed us to her home in Plymouth, MN.
Time to close on the new place, 6/12/2020!
Well, it’s ours!
Our living room windows…and a bedroom window around the corner.
Unloading time!
Our view to the southeast. Someone’s celebrating Juneteenth!
Retirement regalia…new recliners for the retirees! More furniture to come.
It’s beginning to look more like HOME!!!
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