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Diakonia of the Americas and Caribbean (DOTAC) Conference in Vancouver, BC.

Carolyn and I attended the DOTAC conference at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver August 14-20, 2019. Carolyn took part in the 2002 DOTAC conference in Winnipeg as a deaconess. This year’s program, “Respecting Covenant: Risking the Journey Toward Reconciliation” was filled with excellent speakers, wonderful field trips, and decent weather. The ELCA Deacons for Ecumenical Engagement Affinity Group was officially welcomed into DOTAC, and by association, Diakonia World Federation at this conference. We visited Stanley Park, the Museum of Anthropology, the Historic Joy Kogawa House, and enjoyed seeing deacons and deaconesses we know. Vancouver is a busy, beautiful city. So many amazing buildings! UBC campus is also a beautiful campus. Much construction going on there as well. Next stop, Darwin, Australia for the DWF Conference in July, 2021!

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