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Celebrating Birthdays in San Francisco!!!

Ate at some wonderful places: Outlander, Hinodeya Ramen Bar in Japan Town, Zazies, and The Cliff House. So good!!! Made a quick trip to San Francisco on February 19th to visit Bethany and celebrate her birthday with her and Kristjiana! Carolyn and I did some amazing sightseeing…went to Twin Peaks for a view of San Francisco you couldn’t believe!!! Enjoyed the Palace of Fine Arts, and spending quality time with our hosts. Also celebrated Carolyn’s birthday on February 21st, then returned home Friday the 22nd. It was a pleasant drive to and from, no weather issues, great vistas…Mt. Shasta and all! Haven’t spent Bethany’s birthday with her in AGES. So much fun!

Happy Birthday, Bethany!
Salesforce Tower and Transit Center
Japan Town
Palace of Fine Arts
View from Twin Peaks
A Beautiful City
Dinner at Sutro’s, The Cliff House
Bubbly to celebrate!
The Pacific Ocean
The Love Boat???
The most beautiful sunset I’ve ever seen
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