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“The Walls Come Down:” Desegregation Forum in Fredericksburg, Virginia!

Carolyn was asked to participate in a forum at the John J. Wright Museum in Spotsylvania with the seven girls, now women, who were first to integrate into the traditionally white schools in the county on Thursday, August 29, 1963.  That was the day after Martin Luther King Jr.’s “I Have A Dream” speech in nearby Washington DC.  Four fourth graders joined Carolyn in her school, and three high school students integrated the high school.   Carolyn hadn’t seen her old friends since graduating from high school!  It was interesting and upsetting to hear about their experience in the new school setting, but they said  friends like Carolyn made it easier.   Carolyn even met some other high school friends who came to see the presentation!  Great memories!  Had time to see the sights once again in and around Fredericksburg on a beautiful weekend, and enjoy some of the local seafood.  Sunday morning, we worshiped at Christ Lutheran in Fredericksburg, Carolyn’s home church.

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