The Rev. Dr. Carolyn R. Hellerich is now a thing!

Carolyn graduated from the Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago Sunday, May 20, 2018 with a Doctor of Ministry in Preaching degree.  The graduation ceremony/Eucharist was held at St. Thomas Apostle Church near the seminary.

Bethany, Dan, Emily, and Dave were there to celebrate with Carolyn.  A wonderful weekend was had by all.

Thursday:  Dave and Carolyn arrived in Chicago Wednesday evening.  On Thursday, they enjoyed the Chicago Shakespeare Theatre production of MacBeth, rode the Centennial Ferris wheel on Navy Pier, visited Macy’s (Marshall Fields) on State Street, and ate at Harry Caray’s Tavern.  We stopped by the new Apple Store on Michigan Avenue, and had dessert for dinner at the Nutella Cafe.

Friday:  We took the train to Hyde Park and Carolyn’s rehearsal for graduation.  We ate at Giordano’s and strolled the neighborhood we met in almost 39 years ago.  We visited the Oriental Institute on the University of  Chicago campus, and reminisced about our early days together.  Wonderful memories!!!

Saturday:  Bethany arrived late Friday evening, and Dan and Emily Saturday morning.  We all took the train to the Loop and stopped first at Max’s Chicago Hotdog joint.  We walked along the lakefront and took photos around The Bean.  After visiting the Apple Store, we had a fantastic dinner, thanks to our wonderful children, at the Tortoise Supper Club on north State St.  The surprise was yet to be.

As dinner drew to a close, Carolyn and I learned that they were taking us to see HAMILTON, THE MUSICAL at the CIBC Theatre……..Really!!!!  It was amazing!

Sunday:  We attended the 10:30 service at the Evangelical Lutheran Church of St. Luke on Belmont, a favorite of ours.  Beautiful service for the feast of Pentecost!  Champagne and strawberries for fellowship time following worship.

Had a quick lunch at the Hyde Park Potbelly Sandwich Shop, and on to St. Thomas Apostle Church a block east of the seminary.  Carolyn went to LSTC to get robed and lined up, we walked around the University of Chicago campus before going to the church for the graduation ceremony.  Dave taught at St. Thomas Apostle school while Carolyn completed her final year of studies at LSTC for her MAR in 1980-81.

The graduation, within a Eucharist, was long, but meaningful.  There were 24 M.Div. graduates, 15 other Masters level graduates, 3 Doctor of Ministry in Preaching graduates (Carolyn included) and 7 Ph.D. graduates this year, though not all were in attendance.  Carolyn graduated with a DMin in Preaching with two others, from Sweden, who did not attend.

After a tasty reception in the LSTC refectory, we went to Medici’s, the Hyde Park restaurant Carolyn and Dave had their “first date” (kind a) the day they met, 9/7/1979.

It was a wonderful celebration, thanks mostly to our fantastic children!  Photos of the whole week/weekend are below:

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