Eastern Washington-Idaho Synod’s Assembly in Yakima April 27-29, 2017!

I was asked to be the Assembly Planning Chair for this year’s assembly.  I was honored to be asked. Our planning began last Summer,and  the planning committees began planning the annual event with our first monthly meeting in October.  It was an exciting process.  Thanks especially to Julia Bennett from Boise, our synod assembly Manager.  She led the planning well!

Now it’s over.  It was certainly a success, based on the comments I have received.  Below are a few photos from the three day event.

Friday, April 27: Opening Eucharist of the 2018 Eastern Washington-Idaho Synod Assembly in Yakima, WA. The service was held at Central Lutheran Church, led by the Grace Creek Band, and dinner was at the Yakima Convention Center.

Saturday, April 28th: The second day of the 2018 Eastern Washington-Idaho Synod Assembly in Yakima! A beautiful day…a day full of business sessions (voting, resolution reading and discussing, etc.) Mission Partner Table gazing, prayers and good fellowship…ending with the banquet and Holden Evening Prayer. Congratulations to all who were honored for ordination anniversaries!

Sunday, April 29th: The final day (morning) of this year’s assembly…We began with another business session, so much to do! Then had our closing eucharist which included the consecration of a new deacon, Diane McGeoch, who is serving Learning Peace in the Boise, ID area. Blessings, Diane!!! Thanks to Rev. Ron Glusenkamp, Director for The Campaign for the ELCA, ” Always Being Made New,” and Victoria Flood, the ELCA’s Director of Mission Support, for attending our synod assembly! So much planning, and even if I do say so myself as the planning chair, it was a stellar assembly!!! Time to Go in Peace and Serve the Lord!

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